Exploring Islamic Philosophy is a rare achievement. Lucid, original, and informed, this book will be a centerpiece of introductions to Islamic thought for many years to come. Professor Meisami creates a conversation that includes the most salient philosophers in the Islamic world, focusing on key terms and debates. Elegant and non-technical discussions of philosophical differences make the book a joy to read and an excellent teaching tool, without sacrificing profundity.
Cyrus Ali Zargar, Al-Ghazali Distinguished Professor, University of Central Florida

Exploring Islamic Philosophy is the most inclusive volume of its kind. It covers philosophical debate across the Islamic world, encompassing major thinkers of the Classical and post-Classical periods, as well as key figures from philosophical Sufism and rational theology. It offers remarkably clear accounts of core themes in theoretical philosophy, including reality, knowledge, the self, God and the cosmos. Its treatment of practical philosophy extends beyond familiar themes of human flourishing, freedom and responsibility, and the ideal state to issues of contemporary concern, including gender and the environment. It focuses on philosophical analysis, but also provides important and helpful information about the social context of debate. Accessible and engaging, the book is a suitable companion text for undergraduate courses in Islamic philosophy.
Kara Richardson, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Syracuse University