The well-deserved reputation of systemic-functional linguistics as the most education-friendly theoretical paradigm for language analysis is intricately interwoven with and supported by the life-long work of Ruqaiya Hasan. In this third volume of her collected works, readers will have the intellectual pleasure of encountering the astounding breadth of knowledge and spiritedness of commitments she brings to the learning and teaching of languages understood as a social-semiotic process of meaning-making. Whatever their own role in language and education, under her expert guidance they will reaffirm the central position that learning a language – both mother tongue and other tongue – has for socialization into local and global communities and for the many-faceted processes of individual and societal literacies that mark the contemporary world.
Heidi Byrnes, George M. Roth Distinguished Professor of German, President, American Association for Applied Linguistics, Georgetown University

This volume is an essential addition to any library collection focusing on the field of linguistics and education.
 24.861, February 2013