…this book provides a unique, interdisciplinary perspective on SA research and practice, addressing issues in second language acquisition, second/foreign language teaching, sociolinguistics, cross-cultural psychology, sociology, postcolonial studies, race relations, speech communication and intercultural communication. This broad relevance makes it an important resource for a range of audiences, from students in SA programs, to graduate students in applied linguistics or intercultural communication as well as to international educators, second or foreign language students, international business people or indeed anyone who crosses cultures in today’s globalised world.
Hongyan Yang, Department of Linguistics, Macquarie University, Australian Reivew of Applied Linguistics, Vol 33, No 3, 2010

…this book stands as a highly original and substantial addition to the body of study abroad research, essential reading for linguists interested in identity and intercultural issues, and fascinating for all those who enjoy accounts of meetings with others.
BAAL News, 93 (Winter 2009)