A ground-breaking collection of research essays demonstrating the crucial role of metaphor in organisation and reconstruction of discourse flow. The volume is a valuable addition to the current paradigm shift in metaphor research. It also delivers an extraordinary attempt to heighten the scientific credibility of metaphor analysis and to make metaphor research more fulfilling and rewarding.
Metaphor and the Social World
, 4.1, 2014

This volume is an important contribution to advancing the methodology needed to analyze metaphors found in naturally occurring discourse.
Metaphor and Symbol 27(3), 2012

Overall, Metaphor Analysis is metaphor-researcher-friendly, and makes a worthwhile theoretical and methodological contribution to metaphor research, in particular ‘metaphor in discourse’ research.
Ya Sun, Researcher Center for Business English and Cross-cultural Studies and School of International Studies, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, in Discourse Studies 13 (4) 2011