For those readers looking into the history of the tiny volumes for the first time wondering why miniaturise, Miniature Books presents multiple, eloquent answers, while also offering intriguing new perspectives for an audience already well-versed in the subject. Shifting from the traditional literature on miniature books to new cultural and historical research perspectives this book explores the format and the functions of miniature religious texts considered sacred in the Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions.
Written by experts in the fields,
Miniature Books succeed in highlighting the minuscule objects from the cabinet of the collectors to the files of the researchers, a study journey across both historical and contemporary contexts.

Overall, the editors and contributors have provided a welcome and thought-provoking addition to the study of iconic texts. By looking at miniature books, the semantic dimension of religious texts is decentered and questions about the format and function of the books in miniature receive attention that is often missed with standard sized books.
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