Reading this book is like stumbling into a department coffee hour where all the best teachers are, without time pressure, available and willing to share their teaching philosophies and tips. Given the scarcity of such opportunities,Teaching Linguistics is useful for provoking thought about linguistics, and about how best to engage students in appreciating its complexities.
Journal of Sociolinguistics 16.5, November 2012

This book is an incredible journey through the experiences of accomplished educators who share not only their insights but, in many cases, their actual classroom activities. An added benefit comes at the end of each chapter where the authors provide autobiographical information that further illuminates their perspectives and teaching priorities. This book is a unique text that offers educators the opportunity to reflect on their practices through the experience of seasoned professionals.
eLanguage (posted September 14th, 2012)

This volume is, as best I can tell, the first of its kind in the vast literature on linguistics, or at the very least, it is one of the few such collections around. I found myself agreeing with the authors repeatedly on point after point, and so it is clear to me that this is a work that all of us should turn to again and again for inspiration and insight.
Brian Joseph, Professor of Linguistics, Ohio State University

I truly enjoyed this book, which I believe might be unique in its concept. I’ll go back to it again and again, for those specific lessons, websites, and for inspiration. KK achieves his goal: convincing the reader of his message that more students in linguistics make more future teacher-scholars.
Te Reo, 54 (2011)