This volume brings the study of ritual, religion, and spirituality into full conversation with agency, networks, and materiality. The result is a fascinating and insightful resource that casts new light on enchantment and sacralization, which become in the authors’ hands very useful analytical concepts. In a day when traditional notions of ‘religion’ have lost relevance, a new set of conceptual tools is important to develop. This book makes a splendid contribution.
Professor David Morgan, Duke University

This is a wonderful book. It draws on sophisticated cutting edge theory to provide significant new insights into ritual, enchantment, and religious practice. I particularly enjoyed the creative engagement with contemporary debates about ‘religion’ that draws us back to empirical studies of the ethical and moral challenges negotiated through the experience and practice of religion.
Professor Douglas Ezzy, University of Tasmania; President: Australian Association for the Study of Religion; Editor: Journal for the Academic Study of Religion

Invoking the previously exorcised “religious” terms, enchantment and sacralisation, this radical volume experiments with re-positioning religion and the study of religion as relational encounters. Facing down some suffocating polemics, the contributors demonstrate what may be achieved by allowing new possibilities to emerge from dialogue, reflection and a willingness to learn.
Professor Graham Harvey, The Open University

If your academic interests include Bruno Latour, vernacular religion, materiality in religion, ritual, enchantment, or animism, then this book is a must-have for your collection. However, even if these topics fall outside of your normal research areas, I would recommend this book if for no other reason than to see some ways in which the field of religious studies is being reconfigured.
Novo Religio

Overall, this is an excellent book. It is not only approachable from several different fields, but leaves the reader with multiple perspectives from which to further investigate the enchantment of new materialism.
Reading Religion

This collection is a major contribution to the emerging field of enchantment studies, with papers that are almost uniformly interesting and innovative.
Material Religion