I want to say how much I enjoyed Dave Gelly’s book. It’s well-written, gives an intelligent and informative summary of the period concerned, and is short and to the point, something to be welcomed in an age when big books seem to be taking over.
The Beat, Sept. 2014

Larkin once wrote of the sax-man Cannonball Adderley that he “has the rare virtue of sounding neither screwball nor neurotic, yet always pushing towards excitement.” He might well have said the same of this book.
Russell Davies, TLS Sept 5, 2015

Not only compulsively readable and entertaining (packed as it is with anecdotes and perceptive pen portraits of the music’s characters) but also informative, even learned, enough to make it the most reliable guide yet published to a fascinating period in UK jazz history, a book that can be unreservedly recommended to anyone wishing to trace current British popular musical culture to its (often complex and subtle) roots in post-war jazz.