Zarathustra and Zoroastrianism - Michael Stausberg

Zarathustra and Zoroastrianism - Michael Stausberg

Religious Concepts, Models and Narratives

Zarathustra and Zoroastrianism - Michael Stausberg

Michael Stausberg [+-]
University of Bergen
Michael Stausberg is Professor of the Study of Religion at the University of Bergen and his publications include Zarathustra and Zoroastrianism, Religion and Tourism, Contemporary Theories of Religion (editor), and Theorizing Rituals (co-editor).


Religions can be compared with languages. Although this comparison should not be overstated, it has a lot to offer. Consider, for example, the “world-founding” character of languages and religions: both enable their “users” to communicate with others about common “worlds.” Languages are the fundamental communicative structures—and religions achieve something similar. Although religions are not “world views,” different religious “language games” create differing conceptions of the world, life and action.

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