Everyday Humanism - Dale McGowan

Everyday Humanism - Dale McGowan

7. Personal Reflection on Humanist Memorial Services

Everyday Humanism - Dale McGowan

Susan Rose [+-]
American Ethical Union
Susan Rose was active in the Ethical Culture Society of Essex County, serving as President from 1988–1990. She served on the National Board of the American Ethical Union for five years and the National Membership Committee for over ten years. Susan was certified as an Ethical Culture Leader in 1999 and has served the Ethical Movement in various capacities, including Dean of the Leadership Training Program. Susan is also the Dean of the American Ethical Union Leadership Training Program and serves on the Assembly Planning Committee of the American Ethical Union. She serves on the Humanist Institute Board.


A personal reflection on the types of Humanist memorial services that may be followed and the role of humanist officiants.

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