Heavy Metal - Controversies and Countercultures - Titus Hjelm

Heavy Metal - Controversies and Countercultures - Titus Hjelm

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Heavy Metal - Controversies and Countercultures - Titus Hjelm

Titus Hjelm [+-]
University College London
Titus Hjelm is Lecturer in Finnish Society and Culture at University College London. He is editor of Religion and Social Problems (2011) and Studying Religion and Society (2013). He is also the bass player of the internationally acclaimed metal band Thunderstone.


Heavy metal is now over forty years old and has developed into a diverse and multi-faceted genre. Wherever it is found and however it is played, metal's fascination with transgression has often meant it has been embroiled in controversy. Controversies surrounding the alleged connection between heavy metal and, variously, sexual promiscuity, occultism and Satanism, subliminal messages, suicide and violence have made heavy metal a target of moral panics over popular culture. Metal has variously embraced, rejected, played with and tried to ignore this controversy and it remains irrevocably marked by its controversial, transgressive tendencies. This anthology provides a thorough investigation of how and why metal becomes controversial, how metal 'scenes' are formed. It examines the relationship between metal and society, including how fans, musicians and the media create the culture of heavy metal.

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