Explorations in Stylistics - Andrew Goatly

Explorations in Stylistics - Andrew Goatly

A stylistic analysis of Elizabeth Jennings’ ‘One Flesh’: poem as product and process

Explorations in Stylistics - Andrew Goatly

Andrew Goatly [+-]
Lingnan University
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Andrew Goatly has considerable experience in teaching English language and literature in colleges and universities in the UK, Rwanda, Thailand, Austria, and Singapore. He is at present Professor in the English Department of Lingnan University in Hong Kong. He is the author of The Language of Metaphors (Routledge 1997, 2nd edition, 2010), Critical Reading and Writing (Routledge 2000), Washing the Brain: Metaphor and Hidden Ideology (Benjamins 2007)and Humour and Meaning (Cambridge University Press, 2011).


This chapter attempts to exemplify a double-faceted approach to stylistic analysis of a short poem by Elizabeth Jennings. It begins traditionally by posing the question ‘what impression does the poem make and what are the linguistic means by which this impression is created?’ This question, it is suggested, can have two kinds of answer, depending on whether the poem is treated as a product/object to be viewed from a distance, or as a process of reading. The first approach is more in keeping with a formalist stylistics which emphasises the poetic function or message/code, while the second is more in line with a reader-response/ pragmatic stylistics which emphasises the addressee or addresser addressee interaction (the conative function).

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