Interpreter Mediated Healthcare Consultations - Srikant Sarangi

Interpreter Mediated Healthcare Consultations - Srikant Sarangi


Interpreter Mediated Healthcare Consultations - Srikant Sarangi

Srikant Sarangi [+-]
Aalborg University
Srikant Sarangi is Professor in Humanities and Medicine and Director of the Danish Institute of Humanities and Medicine/Health at Aalborg University, Denmark. Between 1993 and 2013, he was Professor in Language and Communication and Director of the Health Communication Research Centre at Cardiff University. Currently he is also Professor in Language and Communication at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim (Norway); Visiting Research Professor, Centre for the Humanities and Medicine, The University of Hong Kong; and Visiting Professor at University of Malay. In 2012, he was awarded the title of ‘Academician’ by the Academy of Social Sciences, UK. His research interests include: institutional and professional discourse; quality of life and risk communication in genetic counselling, HIV/AIDS, telemedicine, general practice and palliative care; intercultural pragmatics; language and identity in public life; ethnicity, race and discrimination in multicultural societies. He is author and editor of twelve books, guest-editor of five journal special issues and has published nearly two hundred book chapters and journal articles in leading journals in discourse and communication. He is the editor of Text & Talk as well as the founding editor of Communication & Medicine and with (C. N. Candlin) of Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice.


Healthcare delivery, especially in the primary care sector, is increasingly becoming multicultural and multilingual in character. This global reality manifests itself as communicative challenges in interpreter-mediated consultations, involving professional as well as family members in the role of interpreters. The contributors to this volume, drawn from different parts of the world (Australia, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA), share the view that interpretation in the mediated sense is more than linguistic or literal translation, thus going beyond the conduit model of communication. As the empirical studies illustrate, the interpreters – professional or non-professional – position themselves actively in the interaction as their roles and participation formats become situationally and culturally embedded, albeit in varying degrees in different phases of the consultation.

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