Its Highlife Time: The Highlife – Jazz Years (Lagos and Accra 1964-1968)

In Search of Fela Anikulapo Kuti - Max Reinhardt

Max Reinhardt [+-]
DJ and Writer
Max Reinhardt is a club DJ, music writer, compiler, BBC World Service radio presenter and a composer for children's theatre and television. With fellow juror Rita Ray, he's co-hosted a string of innovative club events, including the acclaimed Shrine nights, DJ's with Andy Sheppard's Short Cuts and programmes international music festivals in London.


Fela returns to Lagos determined to turn West Africa on to Highlife Jazz with his band Koola Lobitos. It doesn’t quite work. The voice of Tony Allen, who created the rhythmic foundation of Afrobeat whom many believe to be one of the worlds finest ever kit drummers, joins the story.

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