Technomad - Global Raving Countercultures - Graham St John

Technomad - Global Raving Countercultures - Graham St John

New Tribal Gathering: Vibe-Tribes and Mega-Raves

Technomad - Global Raving Countercultures - Graham St John

Graham St John [+-]
Griffith University
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Graham St John is the author of several books including Global Tribe: Technology, Spirituality and Psytrance (2012), Technomad: Global Raving Countercultures (2009) and the edited collections The Local Scenes and Global Culture of Psytrance (2010), Victor Turner and Contemporary Cultural Performance (2008), Rave Culture and Religion (2004) and FreeNRG: Notes From the Edge of the Dance Floor (2001). He is Adjunct Research Fellow at Griffith University and is Executive Editor of Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture.


Chapter 4, “New Tribal Gathering: Vibe-Tribes and Mega-Raves,” explores the character of the vibe at the heart of the EDMC experience. Documenting the complex historical roots of the vibe and the variant dance tribes emerging to re/produce it, the chapter explores the origins of the EDM sonicity in the mid-sixties Gathering of the Tribes, a model giving way to the contemporary heterotopian demesne of alternative discourse and practice proliferating as parties, mega-raves, teknivals, and trance festivals, events responsive to multiple concerns, contextualizing variant freedoms, and conditioning manifold outcomes.

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