Living Life Without Loving the Beatles - A Survivor's Guide - Gary Hall

Living Life Without Loving the Beatles - A Survivor's Guide - Gary Hall


Living Life Without Loving the Beatles - A Survivor's Guide - Gary Hall

Gary Hall [+-]
Gary Hall was born in Liverpool in 1964. Between 1987 and 2002 he made seven critically acclaimed albums and toured constantly throughout Europe and the States to promote them. Now days he runs a production company helping a wide range of singers, songwriters and musicians to get closer to that special place in music where poetry meets melody, melts and makes magic.


Frequently falling foul of some form of Fab Four fanatical faction? Constantly ridiculed for your radical yet rational views? At last, help is at hand… This book is a satirical and sometimes surreal self-help guide, which as well as challenging the orthodox perception of the Beatles’ status, presents an oppressed minority with a complete defence strategy for dealing with any Fab Four fans reluctant to give peace a chance. By breaking Beatles’ fans down into seven key groups, the author offers an invaluable insight into the mindset of each individual strain. Why would anyone claim to enjoy the Beatles’ music? What’s in it for them? (The reasons the Nostalgic Impolitic, for example, will choose to become a fan will vary greatly from those of the Latecomer or the American. They all long to fit in, but where and with whom?) Once you learn to identify which fan type is harassing you, simply follow the advice suggested in this book for dealing with that particular strain, and before you can say Pet Sounds, the fan will be retreating in defeat. The groundbreaking research expounded in these pages is also recommended reading for any form of Fab Four fan (apart from the Beatle Head), who may be interested in learning how to distinguish between articulate, cutting edge rock ‘n’ roll and bombastic bubblegum claptrap.

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