The Making of the Musical World - A Story in Sound - Andrew Killick

The Making of the Musical World - A Story in Sound - Andrew Killick

Reflections: Unity and Diversity in the World’s Music

The Making of the Musical World - A Story in Sound - Andrew Killick

Andrew Killick [+-]
University of Sheffield
Andrew Killick has been teaching and writing about the world’s music professionally since 1998. His passion for all forms of music has led him literally around the world, including studies at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Hawaii, and the University of Washington, periods of fieldwork in India and Korea, and teaching at Illinois State University and Florida State University before taking up his current position at the University of Sheffield in 2003. Originally trained as a classical pianist, he also plays the Korean gayageum zither and an English bagpipe, the Northumbrian smallpipes. His academic publications include two books on Korean music topics, about twenty refereed journal articles and book chapters, and substantial contributions to the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music and the Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World. In his spare time he likes to compose “rounds” in a wide variety of musical styles.


While the story of the world’s music continues to unfold and does not admit of a “conclusion,” we end with some general observations on what we have learned about the big questions of human musicality. Is there, after all, a thing called “music” that we can say is common to all humanity? If there is, why do all human societies seem to need it? What aspects of it are the same or similar in all its manifestations, and how different can it be before it ceases to be music? Do similarities necessarily reflect historical influences, or could different peoples have come up with the same musical ideas independently? Ultimately, why do particular people and groups have the particular forms of music that they do? Such questions may never be answered definitively, but what I hope the story told in this book has shown is that cross-cultural influences in music are nothing new, that “world music” is not just the music of other cultures, and that whatever music we know and love today is in a real sense an outgrowth of all the world’s music.

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