Romance-Germanic Bilingual Phonology - Mehmet Yavaş

Romance-Germanic Bilingual Phonology - Mehmet Yavaş

The Sociophonetics of Spanish–English Contact in the United States

Romance-Germanic Bilingual Phonology - Mehmet Yavaş

Barbara E. Bullock [+-]
University of Texas at Austin
Barbara E. Bullock is a Professor at the University of Texas. She specializes in the linguistic effects of bilingualism and language contact. Her interests lie primarily in exploring the Romance language diaspora in the Americas.
Daniel J. Olson [+-]
Purdue University
Daniel J. Olson is an Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics at Purdue University. His research interests include experimental approaches to bilingual phonetics, in both early and late bilinguals, the storage and acquisition of distinct phonetic inventories, and code-switching.


The current work provides evidence for the impact of several factors, speaker-internal and speaker-external, that have been shown to impact bilingual phonetic production. We focus on several points of phonetic divergence between the sounds systems––VOT, intonation, and labial fricative production––for empirical illustrations of how internal and external variables interact among Spanish-English bilinguals in the U.S. The variables are of three types: (1) we consider how language dominance and age of acquisition impact phonetic production; (2) we demonstrate how language mode modulates phonetic production such that the same speaker may produce varying realizations of a phonetic feature in differing language contexts, and (3) we show how other socio-contextual factors, including language of education, literacy, and speakers' social networks impact a speaker’s performance of bilingual speech.

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Bullock, Barbara; Olson, Daniel. The Sociophonetics of Spanish–English Contact in the United States. Romance-Germanic Bilingual Phonology. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. p. 263-282 Jan 2017. ISBN 9781781792827. Date accessed: 25 Jun 2024 doi: 10.1558/equinox.27361. Jan 2017

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