The Beatles - Ian Inglis

The Beatles - Ian Inglis


The Beatles - Ian Inglis

Ian Inglis [+-]
University of Northumbria
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Ian Inglis is a Visiting Fellow in the School of Arts, Design and Social Sciences at the Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne. He has written extensively abut the history, performance and presentation of popular music. His books include Performance and Popular Music: History, Place and Time (2006), Popular Music and Television in Britain (2010) and The Beatles in Hamburg (2012).


Of all pop music's icons, there have been more books written about the Beatles than any other performers. The Beatles provides a critical appreciation of the career of the Beatles that is balanced, informative and succinct. While relevant aspects of individual and shared biography will be covered, its focus is chiefly on the origins, characteristics and interpretation of their music: on stage, in the studio, in film, radio and TV; from early cover versions to an exclusive reliance on their own compositions; from the conventions of the three-minute love song to the lyrical and musical innovations of their post-touring years.

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