Walking Through Jordan - Essays in Honor of Burton MacDonald - Michael Neeley

Walking Through Jordan - Essays in Honor of Burton MacDonald - Michael Neeley

The Barqa Landscape Project, 2009

Walking Through Jordan - Essays in Honor of Burton MacDonald - Michael Neeley

Russell B. Adams [+-]
University of Waterloo
Russell Adams is an anthropological archaeologist with primary research interests in the emergence of complex societies and early states and the interface between the development of social complexity and the adoption and development of industrial processes and technology during prehistory. His current research focuses upon early metal producing communities in southern Jordan and understanding how the growth and spread of metal production impacted upon social organization, regional interaction and the environment. He has directed archaeological projects in Jordan since 1989, and specializes in archaeological method and theory, ancient technology and the archaeometric study ceramics and metals. He received his BA and MA (Near Eastern Archaeology) from Wilfrid Laurier University, and his PhD in Archaeology and Prehistory from Sheffield University. He has been a SSHRC post-doctoral fellow at McMaster University and has taught at universities in the UK, Canada and the United States.
Hannah A. Friedman [+-]
Texas Tech University
Hannah Friedman is Associate Director of the Barqa Landscape Project. Her research includes research on the ancient economy, metal production, archaeological theory as well as Roman trade. She is an Assistant Professor of Classics at Texas Tech University in the department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literature.
James D. Anderson [+-]
North Island College, Canada
James D. Anderson is a member of the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty at North Island College, British Columbia, Canada. An archaeologist specializing in the Roman world, Jim is also a qualified land surveyor and has pioneered the development of both survey and digital data recording during several years of research at Faynan.
Michael M. Homan [+-]
Xavier University of Louisiana
Michael M. Homan lives in New Orleans where he is a professor of Theology at Xavier University of Louisiana. He is a scholar of Ancient Near Eastern civilizations, the Hebrew Bible and an active field archaeologist, working in both Jordan and Israel.
John Grattan [+-]
Aberystwyth University
John Grattan is Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor of Student Experience and International at Aberystwyth University. He specializes in Environmental and Archaeological Science, is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and an expert member of the International Volcanic Health Hazard Network.
Lynne M. Rouse [+-]
Independent Scholar
Lynne M. Rouse is an anthropological archaeologist with research focus on prehistoric Central Asia. Her research specializations include nomadic pastoralism, socio-political complexity, exchange networks, settlement patterns and resource-use strategies, spatial analysis (GIS), landscape archaeology, and adaptive network approaches. She is Project Director for The Project for the Ancient Murghab, Turkmenistan.


For more than 25 years, the Faynan region of southern Jordan, one of the oldest, largest and best preserved industrial landscapes of the ancient world has been the focus of multiple archaeological and scientific excavations. The Faynan Basin is a unique geological zone, caused in large part by the active Arabah rift valley and tectonic forces, which have not only made it a principal source of copper for the ancient world, but one plentiful in water resources, despite being located in an otherwise desert landscape. For these reasons human populations have frequented this unique landscape since the end of the Pleistocene, and investigation of the numerous well preserved archaeological sites here have yielded significant insights into the evolution of human society. Despite all of this research, the southern-most part of the Faynan Basin had, until 2009, received comparatively little investigation. In 2009 the Barqa Landscape Project undertook the first large-scale survey of this part of the Faynan Basin using both pedestrian and advanced survey techniques. This paper outlines the rationale for the project, the survey design, logistics and early results of the survey, which have formed the basis for three subsequent seasons of research in this part of the Faynan.

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