Essays in Speech Processes - Language Production and Perception - Augustine Agwuele

Essays in Speech Processes - Language Production and Perception - Augustine Agwuele


Essays in Speech Processes - Language Production and Perception - Augustine Agwuele

Augustine Agwuele [+-]
Texas State University
Department of Anthropology Areas of interest: Linguistics, Cultural Studies, African studies, Socio-cultural linguistics
Andrew Lotto [+-]
University of Arizona
Andrew Lotto is an Associate Professor in Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin in Cognitive and Perceptual Psychology. He has held positions at Loyola University of Chicago, Washington State University, University of Nebraska, Boys Town National Research Hospital and the University of Texas. Dr. Lotto’s research interests are in the perception of complex sounds such as speech and music. Current projects include examining how people learn the sounds of a 2nd language and how one’s native language can interfere with this learning; investigating the ability of listeners to “tune” their perception to the particular characteristics of a speaker (e.g., understanding someone with a foreign accent or disordered speech); and studying how the design of cochlear implants and hearing aids can affect the ability of listeners to understand speech in complex listening environments. Dr. Lotto has collaborations with researchers in Psychology, Linguistics, Audiology, Speech Pathology, Electrical Engineering and Neurophysiology. He has organized the Auditory Cognitive Science Society in order to bring more researchers together from these various fields to focus on complex auditory processing.


The brain is a complicated and intricately woven structure relative to other body tissues. It is the ultimate parallel processing system, but nevertheless an alien structure whose way and manner of workings remain largely unknown despite an amazing amount of information amassed over the years from concerted research efforts. One area of interest to diverse scholars in the humanities and biological sciences is how the brain deals with speech, especially the coordination of incoming and outgoing signals. Essays in Speech Processes presents reports of theoretical and experimental studies from extant researches specifically dwelling the areas of: phonetics, neurolinguistics, neuroethology, and stuttering.

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