The Cognitive Linguistics Reader - Vyvyan Evans

The Cognitive Linguistics Reader - Vyvyan Evans


The Cognitive Linguistics Reader - Vyvyan Evans

Vyvyan Evans [+-]
Bangor University
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Vyvyan Evans is Professor of Linguistics at Bangor University and author of numerous books relating to cognitive linguistics. These include How Words Mean, The Structure of Time, The Semantics of English Prepositions (with Andrea Tyler), Cognitive Linguistics (with Melanie Green), and A Glossary of Cognitive Linguistics.
Benjamin K. Bergen [+-]
University of California, San Diego
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Benjamin K. Bergen is Associate Professor in the Department of Cognitive Science at the University of California, San Diego. He has published widely in cognitive, computational, neuro-, and psycholinguistics. Topics that his research touches include embodiment in syntax and semantics, linguistic relativism, natural language understanding, and connectionist language modeling.
Jörg Zinken [+-]
University of Portsmouth
Jörg Zinken is Senior Lecturer of Psychology of Communication and coordinator of the Language, Culture and Mind Research Group at the University of Portsmouth. His research interests cover topics from the interface between anthropological and cognitive linguistics, including universals and variation in multifunctionality patterns, contextual models of metaphor, and the semantics of prosody and syntax.


Cognitive Linguistics is the most rapidly expanding school in modern Linguistics. It aims to create a scientific approach to the study of language, incorporating the tools of philosophy, neuroscience and computer science. Cognitive approaches to language were initially based on philosophical thinking about the mind, but more recent work emphasizes the importance of convergent evidence from a broad empirical and methodological base. The Cognitive Linguistics Reader brings together the key writings of the last two decades, both the classic foundational pieces and contemporary work. The essays and articles - selected to represent the full range, scope and diversity of the Cognitive Linguistics enterprise - are grouped by theme into sections with each section separately introduced. The book opens with a broad overview of Cognitive Linguistics designed for the introductory reader and closes with detailed further reading to guide the reader through the proliferating literature. The Cognitive Linguistics Reader is both an ideal introduction to the full breadth and depth of Cognitive Linguistics and a single work of reference bringing together the most significant work in the field.

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