Hunting Land in Rock Art of Northern Fennoscandia

Perspectives on Differences in Rock Art - Jan Magne Gjerde

Eugen Kolpakov [+-]
Russian Academy of Sciences
Eugen Kolpakov, senior researcher, Palaeolithic department, Institute for the Material Culture History Russian Academy of Sciences, 18 Dvortsovaia emb. 191186 St.Petersburg Russia.


Rock carvings of Northern Fennoscandia are left by hunter-gatherers. At the same time, a set of animals, hunting for which is depicted on the rocks, is extremely narrow – elk, reindeer, brown bear. In addition to these, geese, swans and beavers are depicted as a prey on Vyg and Kanozero. Each site has its own tradition in the representation of hunting. Differences in traditions of representation of hunting are too significant to allow a borrowing or influence between the creators of rock carvings of main rock art sites of Northern Fennoscandia.

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Kolpakov, Eugen. Hunting Land in Rock Art of Northern Fennoscandia. Perspectives on Differences in Rock Art. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. p. Jul 2020. ISBN 9781781795606. Date accessed: 25 Jun 2019 doi: 10.1558/equinox.31919. Jul 2020

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