Rituals and Symbols

Evil - A Critical Primer - Kenneth G. MacKendrick

Kenneth G. MacKendrick [+-]
Department of Religion University of Manitoba
Kenneth G. MacKendrick is Associate Professor of Religion at the University of Manitoba.


Rituals and Symbols provides an overview of Maurice Bloch’s understanding of rituals and ritualization; ethnographic examples will be drawn from Bloch’s work (Malgasy), evangelical witnessing (U.S.), Muslim daily prayers in Turkey, and the Spanish exhumations.

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MacKendrick, Kenneth. Rituals and Symbols. Evil - A Critical Primer. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. Oct 2024. ISBN 9781781796191. https://www.equinoxpub.com/home/view-chapter/?id=32885. Date accessed: 07 Jul 2022 doi: 10.1558/equinox.32885. Oct 2024

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