Writing Proposals for Research Grants

Writing Research Proposals in Applied Linguistics - A. Mehdi Riazi

A. Mehdi Riazi [+-]
Macquarie University
A. Mehdi Riazi is Professor in the Department of Linguistics at Macquarie University, Sydney.


• A typology of research grants: local, national, international, professional, foundational, corporate, and group-specific • Preparation o Allowing yourself time for reading: understanding the context of contemporary research debate, talking to others, gathering information) o Studying your funding source (checking specifications and criteria) • Writing o Writing a convincing and persuasive proposal  Are the aims and objectives clearly established?  Is the research design well thought out?  Is the level at which the proposal is pitched and the background provided geared for the specific audience to which it is addressed? o Working out a delivery plan: milestones for research o Specifying outcomes and estimating impact. What will the research do, for whom, what and why?) o Formulating and justifying a budget for your research • Submitting o Keeping a record of the deadlines o Getting to know how the submission will be received: regular hard copies? Bound or in booklet form? electronic submission? o Making final checks  What is the story?  Who is the audience?  Why does it matter?  Why now?  Why me? • Working with sponsors and funding sources o Preparing progress and final reports o Preparing and presenting papers at conferences o Preparing papers for publication Reflective Tasks

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