Assessment Across Online Language Education - Stephanie Link

Assessment Across Online Language Education - Stephanie Link

2. Assessing Language and Intercultural Learning during Telecollaboration

Assessment Across Online Language Education - Stephanie Link

Senta Goertler [+-]
Michigan State University
Senta Goertler (Ph.D., University of Arizona) is an Associate Professor of Second Language Studies and German and Language Program Coordinator at Michigan State University. Her research interests are CALL and education abroad.
Theresa Schenker [+-]
Yale University
Theresa Schenker is Senior Lector II and Director of the Language Program in the German department at Yale University. She is also the editor of the Unterrichtspraxis. Her research focuses on technology-mediated language learning and community language programs.
Carly M. Lesoski [+-]
Wayne State University
Carly M. Lesoski is an e-Learning Specialist at Wayne State University. She has successfully defended her dissertation in German Studies on the topic of identity and capital during telecollaboration. 
Sonja Brunsmeier [+-]
University of Education, Freiburg
Sonja Brunsmeier is Instructor of English at the University of Education in Freiburg. Her research focuses on telecollaboration.


In this chapter, we present a telecollaboration project between a pre-service class on intercultural competence for teachers of English as a foreign or second language at a German University of Education and a US undergraduate course focusing on developing advanced language skills in combination with learning about linguistics and second language acquisition (Goertler & Lesoski, 2015). The purpose of the study is twofold: to (1) evaluate the instruments and assessments used for telecollaboration, and to (2) provide recommendations for assessment of telecollaboration in the future. Correlation between scoring rubrics intended to measure the same constructs were low, and so was inter-rater reliability. Specific recommendations for improvement of assessment mechanism and instruments are given in the discussion section.

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Goertler, Senta; Schenker, Theresa; Lesoski, Carly; Brunsmeier, Sonja. 2. Assessing Language and Intercultural Learning during Telecollaboration. Assessment Across Online Language Education. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. p. 21-48 Feb 2018. ISBN 9781781797013. Date accessed: 03 Aug 2020 doi: 10.1558/equinox.34386. Feb 2018

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