Current SFL Approaches to Strata

Strata in Systemic Functional Linguistics - Levels, Layers, Planes, Domains - Elissa D. Asp

Elissa D. Asp [+-]
Saint Mary's University
Elissa D. Asp is Professor of English and Linguistics, and Coordinator of Linguistics at Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS. She was educated at Glendon College and York University in Toronto, where she specialized in linguistic description of discourse and linguistic theory. She is interested in functional and formal theories of language and developing models that elucidate language processing in context. Ongoing research addresses three main areas: (1) language and discourse correlates of dementias, especially neurodegenerative diseases associated with ageing; (2) MEG studies of neurocognitive networks supporting language and discourse processing; (3) theoretical implications of these studies for models of language.


This chapter sketches the various approaches to the stratal organization of language within the SFL family of models. These include the Sydney and Cardiff grammars, but also the work of Gregory, Martin and others on discourse and contextual levels. The goal is a characterization of the common core as well as of the variety of views with respect to strata and relationships between them.

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Asp, Elissa. Current SFL Approaches to Strata. Strata in Systemic Functional Linguistics - Levels, Layers, Planes, Domains. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. Mar 2024. ISBN 9781781797303. Date accessed: 25 Sep 2023 doi: 10.1558/equinox.35442. Mar 2024

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