Understanding Religious Experience - Peter Connolly

Understanding Religious Experience - Peter Connolly

A Reductionist Explanation of Religious Experience

Understanding Religious Experience - Peter Connolly

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Peter Connolly (PhD) was, for many years, senior lecturer in Religious Studies at the University of Chichester, England, where he taught courses on Ethics, Indian Religion and Psychology of Religion. He has also worked as an associate lecturer in both Psychology and Religious Studies with the Open University and has delivered many courses on the history and philosophy of yoga for a number of yoga training institutions. He is fascinated by all forms of altered states of consciousness, has trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis, and experimented with psychedelic chemicals and a variety of meditation techniques, including Divine Light, Lam Rim, Sant Mat, Transcendental Meditation and Buddhist Vipassana, all of which offer interesting perspectives on the psychology of religious experience. A revised edition of his A Student’s Guide to the History and Philosophy of Yoga, also published by Equinox, was released in 2014.


Some cartographic accounts of religious experience Ken Wilber’s integral spirituality Roland Fischer’s cartography of ecstatic and meditative states My model of ASCs and spirituality 1. Religious Experiences and Trance States 2. Myths, Religious Rituals and Trance States

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