Cultural Mapping and Musical Diversity - Britta Sweers

Cultural Mapping and Musical Diversity - Britta Sweers


Cultural Mapping and Musical Diversity - Britta Sweers

Britta Sweers [+-]
University of Bern
Britta Sweers, Ph.D., is Professor of Cultural Anthropology of Music at the Institute of Musicology (since 2009) and Director of the Center for Global Studies (since 2015) at the University of Bern (Switzerland). She has been President of the European Seminar in Ethnomusicology (ESEM) since 2014. Major publications include Electric Folk: The Changing Face of English Traditional Music (2005), Polyphonie der Kulturen (CD/CD-ROM 2006/8), Grenzgänge – Gender, Race und Class als Wissenskategorien in der Musikwissenschaft (ed.; w. Cornelia Bartsch, 2015). She is co-editor of the European Journal of Musicology and of the Equinox book series Transcultural Music Studies.


Part II focuses on the interrelation of music performance and landscape by addressing another central issue that were taken up by UNESCO-related discourses – the so-called “cultural landscapes.” Having been strongly interconnected with debates on the interaction of humans and nature, the UNESCO concept is likewise strongly intertwined with the concept of sustainability. Starting out with a linguistic elucidation of central terminological expressions, such as environment, scenery, and sustainability, this introduction then specifically discusses the polarized division between a human-less environment and a culturally-shaped landscape. Consequently, the four articles of this part not only each focus on different landscapes, but also provide examples of an in-depth study of different human-music-environment relations and interaction processes.

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