From Optimality Theory to Harmonic Serialism

Inflectional Morphology in Harmonic Serialism - Gereon Müller

Gereon Müller [+-]
Universität Leipzig
Gereon Müller is Professor of General Linguistics at Universität Leipzig.


The first chapter lays out standard parallel optimality-theoretic approaches to inflectional morphology (based on work like Grimshaw (2001), Trommer (2001; 2003; 2006), Wunderlich (2004), Don & Blom (2006), Ortmann (2002; 2004), Stiebels (2000; 2002; 2006)). A main result of standard parallel optimality theoretic approaches to inflectional morphology is that the two basic principles of morphological realization by underspecified exponents - viz., compatibility and specificity - do not have to be stipulated (as they are. e.g., in the Subset Principle in Distributed Morphology, or in Panini's Principle in Paradigm Function Morphology) but follow from the interaction of IDENT and MAX contstraints, respectively.

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Muller, Gereon. From Optimality Theory to Harmonic Serialism. Inflectional Morphology in Harmonic Serialism. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. p. Aug 2020. ISBN 9781781798089. Date accessed: 21 Nov 2019 doi: 10.1558/equinox.36455. Aug 2020

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