Canaanite-Phoenician Style and Corpus

Painting the Mediterranean Phoenician - On Canaanite-Phoenician Tradenets - Dalit Regev

Dalit Regev [+-]
Israel Antiquities Authority
Dalit Regev studies aspects of Canaanite-Phoenician culture, especially trade, pottery, Aegyptiaca and ancient DNA. She received her PhD in 2006. Having worked in the past at research centers at the Hebrew University and for the Harvard Excavations at Ashkelon, she currently works for the Israel Antiquities Authority. Her main publications are on Phoenician Amphorae (2004), the Phoenician Hellenistic pottery from Akko-Ptolemais (2009), Egyptian Stone Objects (2013 and 2016), the Phoenician Origins of Eastern Sigillata Ware A (2014), and The Power of the Written Evidence: a Hellenistic Burial Cave at Marisa (2019).


The So-Called Syrian and Aramean Styles Egypto-Phoenician Corpora Aegyptiaca Aegyptiaca in Phoenician Contexts Elements in the Phoenician Corpora Metal Ore and Ingots Metal Items Cauldrons Tin-Foiled Pottery Glass Faience Ivory Ostrich eggshells and Tridacna Alum The Purple Dye Industry Special Items Monkey Imagery The Phallus Ivory Duck Boxes

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Regev, Dalit. Canaanite-Phoenician Style and Corpus. Painting the Mediterranean Phoenician - On Canaanite-Phoenician Tradenets. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. p. Jan 2021. ISBN 9781781798256. Date accessed: 23 Sep 2020 doi: 10.1558/equinox.36795. Jan 2021

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