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Writing Better Essays - A Simple Rhetorical Guide to Process, Structure, and Coherence (second edition) - David L. Rogers

David L. Rogers [+-]
Kingston University, London
David L. Rogers is Emeritus Senior Fellow at Kingston University, London, having previously been Head of the School of Humanities at Kingston and Director of the Kingston Writing School. Having earned his PhD in American Literature at Rutgers University, he taught English and American literature, essay writing, composition and grammar, rhetoric, creative writing and journalism in universities in the US and the UK before retiring from Kingston in 2018 after twenty-five years there. He now runs the annual Athens International Creative Writing Summer School in partnership with the British Council.


Writing Better Essays: A Simple Rhetorical Guide to Process, Structure, and Coherence , now in its second edition, is an authoritative but accessible guide to writing successful argumentative essays that combines classical approaches with practical advice tailored to contemporary students. Designed to be effective either in the classroom or for independent learning, the book will appeal students of all ages and levels, ranging from advanced placement to post-graduate, its detailed explanations of key steps of its writing and editing process from conception through planning and execution ensuring that students will be able to create a coherent argumentative essay that features the classical circular and reiterative structure. The conversational style and tone of the book serves to give students much needed confidence as they approach their writing as does its extended explanation of the key skill of paragraphing and its commonsense advice on punctuation. Students should find its extensive use of exercises, its well-chosen examples of good practice and its emphasis on imitation makes it an ideal primary or secondary textbook for courses. Teachers of writing should appreciate the instructor’s guide at the beginning of the book as well as the consistent emphasis throughout on the need for students to commit themselves to practice and revision if they want to write effective argumentative essays.

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Rogers, David. Instructor's Guide. Writing Better Essays - A Simple Rhetorical Guide to Process, Structure, and Coherence (second edition). Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. Jan 2023. ISBN 9781781798348. Date accessed: 28 Sep 2022 doi: 10.1558/equinox.36962. Jan 2023

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