Essay Writing as Process

Writing Better Essays - A Simple Rhetorical Guide to Process, Structure, and Coherence (second edition) - David L. Rogers

David L. Rogers [+-]
Kingston University, London
David L. Rogers is Emeritus Senior Fellow at Kingston University, London, having previously been Head of the School of Humanities at Kingston and Director of the Kingston Writing School. Having earned his PhD in American Literature at Rutgers University, he taught English and American literature, essay writing, composition and grammar, rhetoric, creative writing and journalism in universities in the US and the UK before retiring from Kingston in 2018 after twenty-five years there. He now runs the annual Athens International Creative Writing Summer School in partnership with the British Council.


Chapter 1 sets out the easy-to-follow steps that characterise the writing and editing process that the book encourages students to adopt or adapt to their own version. The steps include an acceptance of the value – the inevitability - of procrastination; the benefits of freewriting; types of planning they may want to use; and drafting, but with a general lack of concern about expression or structure at this stage since students are assured that they can confident that what they will learn in the book will mean that they will be able to transform their drafts into well-structured argumentative essays. All they will need to do is apply themselves to the lessons in the book so that they know to what aims they are revising and then to be willing to apply them as they revise.

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Rogers, David. Essay Writing as Process. Writing Better Essays - A Simple Rhetorical Guide to Process, Structure, and Coherence (second edition). Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. Jan 2023. ISBN 9781781798348. Date accessed: 13 May 2021 doi: 10.1558/equinox.36964. Jan 2023

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