The Northern Soul Scene - Sarah Raine

The Northern Soul Scene - Sarah Raine

The Voice of Participants on the Scene

The Northern Soul Scene - Sarah Raine

Mark Duffett [+-]
University of Chester
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Mark Duffett is Reader in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Chester.
Sarah Raine [+-]
University of Limerick
Sarah Raine is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, at the University of Limerick.
Tim Wall [+-]
Birmingham City University
Tim Wall is Professor of Radio and Popular Music Studies at Birmingham City University.


This chapter presents the perspectives of four participants on the northern soul scene followed by academic analyses from three academic approaches. Following the editorial position of the whole book, as academic authors of this chapter we seek to let participants on the scene speak “for themselves”, while at the same time offering up distinct academic analyses of what they say and do. This is not because as academics we think the voices cannot be understood in their own terms, but because we want to place the talk of scene participants side-by-side with the sorts of analyses usually undertaken by academics. In doing so, we want to show how the experience of “being there” can be framed to draw out what such experience offers to those outside the scene who study popular music cultures more generally.

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Duffett, Mark ; Raine, Sarah; Wall, Tim. The Voice of Participants on the Scene. The Northern Soul Scene. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. p. 268-268 Feb 2019. ISBN 9781781795583. Date accessed: 03 Dec 2021 doi: 10.1558/equinox.36970. Feb 2019

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