46. What is Gendered Language?

The 5-Minute Linguist - Bite-sized Essays on Language and Languages Third Edition - Caroline Myrick

Caroline Myrick [+-]
Independent scholar
Caroline Myrick holds a PhD from the Department of Sociology at North Carolina State University, where she specialized in sociolinguistics and social inequality. She has numerous publications based on the sociolinguistic fieldwork she carried out on the Caribbean island of Saba. Recently, she helped publish the first Saban English dictionary (NCLLP, 2016). Caroline has worked with Walt Wolfram on multiple book projects, including Talkin’ Tar Heel (UNC Press, 2016) and American English (Wiley, third edition 2017).


Gendered language refers to language that privileges one gender or sex over the other. This happens with many language patterns and traditions—in English and many other languages—that treat men or the masculine as the default. Luckily, in English, inclusive language solutions are fairly easy; and speakers of other languages are finding creative linguistic alternatives in order to promote gender inclusivity.

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