The Northern Soul Scene - Sarah Raine

The Northern Soul Scene - Sarah Raine

Photographic Dossier (2)

The Northern Soul Scene - Sarah Raine

Bethany Kane [+-]
Concentrating on the lives people lead, Bethany Kane aims to reveal their narrative through photography by highlighting details within the personal and public environments central to their processes of identity construction. Her practice builds upon the knowledge and understanding she gains through her own personal experience, using retrospective photographic processes to produce a unique insight into these rarely documented subjects. Past exhibitions include her work on the Northern Soul scene, Punk, Skinhead and Oi subcultures.


Currently the Northern Soul scene is receiving great exposure through film, media and clothing brands, giving this once very secretive scene a wider recognition. Subsequently, dedicated soulies are escaping to more underground clubs and are becoming more selective in the events they choose to attend. This body of work concentrates on the younger generation and the spaces within which they construct and perform a northern soul identity. The current Soul scene is continuously growing whilst attracting a strong young crowd. Through visuals and fan voice, I explore the passion and dedication these individuals have towards their scene and the certain elements that continuously encourages their participation. Photographing scene participants in their personal spaces gives the viewer an insight to the life led between allnighters, highlighting elements within their environment that provoke a further understanding of the individual’s personal identity and how this relates to their scene participation. Taken in bedrooms, record shops and fashion student workrooms, these photographs provide an even rare insight into the permeation of scene identity into everyday life activities of young Northern Soulies.

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