Words of Experience - Translating Islam with Carl W. Ernst - Ilyse Morgenstein Fuerst

Joy Laine [+-]
Macalester College
Joy Laine is and adjunct professor in philosophy at Macalester College.
James W. Laine [+-]
Macalester College
James W. Laine is Arnold H. Lowe Professor of Religious Studies at Macalester College.


Carl W. Ernst devoted his academic life to translating Islam, linguistically and culturally, typically within the intellectual context of religious studies. His work has focussed on how Islamic concepts have travelled across time and space and his influence on Islamic studies and religious studies is far-reaching. This volume features contributions from long-standing colleagues, scholars whose own work has built on Ernst's contributions, and former students. It looks at themes in Islamic studies which Ernst has addressed and expands on his major contributions. Essays in this volume touch nearly every major element in Islamic studies - from the Qur'an to Sufism, Islamophobia to South Asian Islam, historical and contemporary praxis, music and more. This collection demonstrates one core tenant of Ernst's work, specifically the argument that Islam is not rooted in one place, time or language, but is a vast network, routed though myriad places, times and languages.

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Laine, Joy; Laine, James. Religion/Islam/Hinduism/Sufism/Yoga. Words of Experience - Translating Islam with Carl W. Ernst. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. Oct 2020. ISBN 9781781799109. Date accessed: 21 Aug 2019 doi: 10.1558/equinox.38423. Oct 2020

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