A New Ministry Model

Constellated Ministry for the Pagan Spiritual Landscape - Holli S. Emore

Holli S. Emore [+-]
Cherry Hill Seminary
Holli S. Emore, M.Div., is Executive Director of Cherry Hill Seminary, and also President of Emore Development Resources consulting firm for nonprofits. Committed to building interfaith relationships, both locally and globally, Holli has served on the Board of Directors of Interfaith Partners of South Carolina since 2012. She often teaches public groups about the rapidly-growing Pagan religions, has served as a regional resource for law enforcement, victim services, criminal justice classes and others since 2004, and is a resource person for the Lady Liberty League. Holli is the founder and priestess of Temple Osireion, a Pagan tradition which draws its inspiration from the religions of ancient Egypt. She founded and coordinated the Pagan Round Table, and is a co-host of the monthly Midlands Interfaith Meetup, both in South Carolina. Since 2017 Holli has served as South Carolina Regional Lead for Disaster Spiritual Care for the American Red Cross. Holli is an experienced presenter, frequently appearing as a guest speaker, panelist, and occasional supply preacher.


Identifies past assumptions about clergy and ministry; the difficulties facing all religious groups and ministers, many of them traceable to the societal changes noted in Chapter 1; globalism is a force for interconnectedness, an idea Pagans embrace; forces impacting group coalescence; reconfiguring Pagan ministry from place to function; constellated ministry paradigm.

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