The Buddha's Path of Peace - A Step-by-Step Guide - Geoffrey Hunt

The Buddha's Path of Peace - A Step-by-Step Guide - Geoffrey Hunt

12. Right Understanding: The Horizons Model

The Buddha's Path of Peace - A Step-by-Step Guide - Geoffrey Hunt

Geoffrey Hunt [+-]
University of Surrey
Geoffrey Hunt is Buddhist Chaplain at the University of Surrey, UK. He is now Visiting Professor in Buddhist Ethics at the same university where, before retirement, he was Full Professor in Philosophy of Care, and taught and researched mainly in the field of healthcare and bioethics. From 2008 to 2014 he worked on ethical aspects of nanotechnology for scientific projects of the European Commission. In 2002 he founded, and continues to lead, the lay movement New Buddha Way in Surrey, UK.

He has taught meditation in schools, in a prison, a village for the elderly, and an alcohol rehabilitation centre. He has served the Dhamma in hospices, funerals and interfaith events. He has worked in Japan, Nigeria and Lesotho and is a writer and international speaker on ethical issues of health, science and advanced technology. He has published several books in the field of professional ethics. He is married to Rev. Beverley Hunt, an Anglican minister.


With insightful understanding of the first two Noble Truths, suffering and the delusional self-cause of suffering (in the previous chapter), the very possibility emerges of keeping the delusion at bay, of attenuating the suffering, and considering what more we can do to understand the absolute necessity presented by the silence that liberates (Chap. 19). We now reflect on the 3rd and 4th Noble, i.e. the cessation (nirodha) of suffering and path to cessation. Again there are unhelpful and helpful comprehensions of these two. A model of how a landscape horizon ‘moves’ is used to clarify major points.

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