Turkish Folk Music in Theory and Practice

Turkish Folk Music between Ghent and Turkey - Context, Performance, Function - Liselotte Sels

Liselotte Sels [+-]
AP University College Antwerp
Liselotte Sels is a researcher and research coordinator at AP University College Antwerp. She received her PhD in Art Science from Ghent University in 2014. In 2015, she worked as a postdoctoral visiting researcher at UC Santa Barbara, supported by a BAEF fellowship. Recent publications include the book chapter “Mixing Multiple Tracks: Migration, Diaspora and Transcultural Music in Flanders” in Made in the Low Countries (Routledge, 2017) and the article “EMRUZ | Nieuwe muziek in Iran” in FORUM+ (2018). Liselotte is active as a harpsichordist, (forte)pianist, and continuo player.


Chapter 3 sketches a (selective-fragmentary) picture of what Turkish folk music in its modern, post-Atatürkian, form entails, focusing on general musical characteristics, genres and forms, regional styles, traditional performers, and thematic content. Excursions are a description of the music of Emirdağ, and an inquiry of the musical knowledge of the Turkish folk musicians in Ghent. The chapter is written on the basis of Turkish- and English-language, specific and general, academic and non-academic books and articles, complemented by ethnographic fieldwork, including formal and informal interviews.

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