7. A Myth of Holism: In/Visible Fragmentations and Wounded Being

The Religious Body Imagined - Pamela D. Winfield

Sarah Dove [+-]
The Ohio State University
Sarah Dove is currently a PhD student and Graduate Teaching Associate in the Department of Comparative Studies at the Ohio State University. She holds an MA in Dance Theories and Practices from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a BA in Music and Business from Otterbein College. As a part of her doctoral research, she uses dance studies–with specific attention to the theoretical potential of choreographic processes–as a lens through which to view cultural phenomena. As an emerging artist, teacher, and scholar, her primary research initiatives advocate for the fusion of theory and practice for the purpose of creating culturally and socially informed modes of investigation and creative output. Ms. Dove's knowledge of, and experience within, the choreographic process of the US contemporary concert dance tradition provides analytical tools that can be used to illuminate and reflect upon the physical body as it confronts social and cultural phenomena.


When we are talking about healing, what are we looking at? When we ask someone to heal, what are we interested in? When we advocate for a restoration, a rehabilitation, a return, what are our primary stakes? Investigating theories of trauma, and conversations surrounding traumatic injury, ideas of individual physical, emotional, or psychological reconstitution become central. In other words, the assumption that there exists an ideal constitution of personal health and wellbeing contribute to a “myth of holism” as a marker that all traces of trauma can be refigured, passed over, or removed becomes a moral campaign, marking the body as a carrier of religious idealism. Utilizing the entry point of popular culture via AMC’s series The Walking Dead, this paper seeks to investigate the religious body as a carrier of traumatic traces situating “woundedness” as, at once, a site of violent interrelation and transcendent of its own fleshy domain.

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