12. The Afterlife of Bishop Evloghie Oța’s Dead Body and its Disputed Ownership

The Religious Body Imagined - Pamela D. Winfield

Anca Sincan [+-]
University College Cork
Anca Maria Șincan has an MA and a Ph.D. in history from Central European University in Budapest, Hungary with a research on religion in communist Romania. She completed her academic training at Padova University, Oxford University, the European History Institute in Mainz, and New Europe College in Bucharest. Her research interests revolve around recent history of East Central Europe, history of historical writing, memory and remembrance, church history, religion and politics on which she published articles and book chapters. She took part as an expert in the Presidential Commission for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania for the chapter Church/ religious denominations under communism. She taught courses at the History and International Relations Department at University of Medicine, Farmacy, Science and Technology in Tîrgu-Mureș and lectured at the Political Science Department (Bucharest University). She was a guest lecturer at the History Department at Central European University where she taught an MA course on Church and Nation State in East Central Europe. She is a researcher at the “Gheorghe Șincai” Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities of the Romanian Academy in Tîrgu-Mureș. Currently, she is a postdoctoral researcher in the European Research Council Project Creative Agency and Religious Minorities: Hidden Galleries in the Secret Police Archives in Central and Eastern Europe (Hidden Galleries).


The chapter discusses symbolic and religious importance of the dead body in underground religious communities during the communist period in Romania and the value attached to it by various external actors (the religious community, the state, the person himself before his death). It looks at a process of burial and reburial and the afterlife of the body of an underground Old Calendarist Orthodox Bishop discussing the ownership of the dead body, the body as material religion and the importance of the body in the process of sanctification.

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Sincan , Anca . 12. The Afterlife of Bishop Evloghie Oța’s Dead Body and its Disputed Ownership. The Religious Body Imagined. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. Nov 2022. ISBN 9781781799727. https://www.equinoxpub.com/home/view-chapter/?id=39656. Date accessed: 24 Jan 2021 doi: 10.1558/equinox.39656. Nov 2022

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