Gods, Monsters, and Musclemen

From Griffith to Grindhouse - Representations of Antiquity in Film - Kevin M. McGeough

Kevin M. McGeough [+-]
University of Lethbridge
Kevin M. McGeough is professor of archaeology in the Department of Geography at the University of Lethbridge. Having excavated in Israel, Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt, he is the editor of The Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research. He is currently researching the reception of Near Eastern Archaeology in a variety of media and has recently published a three-volume book on archaeological reception in the Victorian era, The Ancient Near East in the Nineteenth Century (2015).


Often overlooked in the discussion of ancient history on film is the treatment of Greek myths. Chapter 5 addresses this, first by looking at how Harryhausens’s stop-motion animation influenced generations in regards to classical storytelling. Following this is a discussion of the Italian Hercules film and later muscleman films, such as the Scorpion King series and especially the Conan the Barbarian films. Particularly addressing issues of gender and race, this chapter explores how the past provides a setting for particularly regressive fantasies in relation to these issues to be played out and expressed.

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McGeough, Kevin. Gods, Monsters, and Musclemen. From Griffith to Grindhouse - Representations of Antiquity in Film. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. Oct 2022. ISBN 9781781799819. https://www.equinoxpub.com/home/view-chapter/?id=39765. Date accessed: 31 May 2020 doi: 10.1558/equinox.39765. Oct 2022

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