22. J. Z. Smith’s Gift

Remembering J.Z. Smith - A Career and its Consequence - Emily D. Crews

Donald Bruce Woll [+-]
Independent Scholar
Bruce Woll credits Jonathan Z. Smith with making him into a philosopher and an anthropologist equipped to recognize that anything can be fraught, no matter how precious and rich it may seem; he retired in 2011 from a twenty-seven year career in information technology and then returned to his central intellectual interest: a critique of parochial Modernity.


In this essay, originally a blog post published on The Bulletin for the Study of Religion, Bruce Woll ruminates on the significant role that Jonathan Z. Smith played in his doctoral experience and his career. He draws readers to the importance of the connection Smith makes between religion and thinking and the way that awareness of such a connection can enliven our understanding of our subject matter.

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