Laurel, Mississippi, in its Own Terms (Kind of)

Fabricating Authenticity - Jason W.M. Ellsworth

Marshall A. Cunningham [+-]
University of Chicago
Marshall Cunningham is a postdoctoral Teaching Fellow at the University of Chicago where he studies the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East. His current research focuses on processes of identity construction among Judeans and Judean communities in the sixth and fifth centuries ʙᴄᴇ. At its core, his research concerned with how communities — ancient and modern — come to envision and define themselves in the wake of major geographical, political, and cultural change.


Expanding on Touna’s analysis, Cunningham considers the role of anachronism in the TV series Home Town, where designers restore and rehabilitate old homes to be as they once were. Cunningham argues that in addition to crafting “authentic” restorations and conservations (re-created in the present), the show is also selling the story of authentic Southern living.

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