Profane Landscapes, Sacred Spaces - Miroslav Bárta

Profane Landscapes, Sacred Spaces - Miroslav Bárta


Profane Landscapes, Sacred Spaces - Miroslav Bárta

Miroslav Bárta [+-]
Charles University
Miroslav Bárta is the Director of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University, Prague.


Ever since Herodotus, it has been observed that Egypt – that is, ancient Egyptian civilisation – was a gift of the Nile. However, only recently have Egyptologists come to appreciate that Egypt was as much a gift of the desert as a gift of the water, at least as regards its very beginnings. To understand the civilisation that originally settled along the Nile Valley and in the Delta, we must study not only the remains of ancient monuments, excavated artefacts and reconstructed texts, but take proper account of the landscape, conditions and environment that shaped Egypt’s culture, religion and ideology. This volume addresses various aspects of how the world was perceived in the minds of Egyptians, and how Egyptians subsequently reshaped their surrounding landscape in harmony with their view of geography and cosmological ideas. Profane landscape and sacred space thus blend into one multi-faceted concept.

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