Technology and Comprehensibility

Comprehensibility in Language Testing - Parvaneh Tavakoli

Parvaneh Tavakoli [+-]
University of Reading
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Parvaneh Tavakoli is a Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Reading. Parvaneh's main research interest lies in the interface of second language acquisition, language teaching, and language testing. Parvaneh has led several international research projects investigating the effects of task and task design on performance, acquisition, assessment and policy in different contexts. Her research has been published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals and books.


Technological advances are having a significant impact on language assessment in general and this chapter examines the opportunities machines present to better measure comprehensibility, as well as the threats that constrained tasks demanded by automated assessment might present to the construct. An overview of current models for automated rating of speech is presented (e.g. Xi, et al. 2008; Van Moere & Downey, 2016; Isaacs, 2014) and the approaches are examined from the perspective of the comprehensibility framework presented in the book, drawing on the features extrapolated in each of the preceding chapters to examine how technology does and does not offer solutions for automated assessment and feedback for learning on particular components of the comprehensibility inventory.

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Tavakoli, Parvaneh. Technology and Comprehensibility. Comprehensibility in Language Testing. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. May 2023. ISBN 9780000000000. Date accessed: 19 Oct 2020 doi: 10.1558/equinox.41102. May 2023

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