Hinduism in Five Minutes - Steven W Ramey

Hinduism in Five Minutes - Steven W Ramey

6. Do Hindus Follow a Particular Philosophy?

Hinduism in Five Minutes - Steven W Ramey

Thomas B. Ellis [+-]
Appalachian State University
Thomas B. Ellis is Professor of Religion in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Appalachian State University (Boone, NC). Having published a book on the life and work of the twentieth century Hindu philosopher, Jarava Lal Mehta, Ellis’s current research pursues psychological and biological explanations of religion. Along these lines, Ellis has published “Disgusting Bodies, Disgusting Religion: The Biology of Tantra” and “Evoked Puja: The Behavioral Ecology of an Equatorial Ritual,” both of which appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion. He is currently working on a book-length manuscript on religion, disease and immunology.


This chapter begins with a consideration of the most widely adopted philosophical position throughout the world and history, that is, dualism. Dualism is cognitively and affectively appealing. The chapter then goes on to consider the six systems of philosophy classically associated with Hinduism, that is, the darshanas.

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