Conceptualizing Teacher Identity

Language Teacher Identity and Reflective Practice - Zia Tajeddin

Zia Tajeddin [+-]
Allameh Tabataba'i University

Zia Tajeddin is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Allameh Tabataba’i University, Iran. He is Chair of Iranian Interlanguage Pragmatics SIG and Editor of Applied Pragmatics (John Benjamins) and Journal of Second Language Teacher Education. His research interests center on interlanguage pragmatic instruction and assessment, conversation analysis, (im)politeness, teacher/learner cognition and identity, and EIL/ELF. He has presented papers in many (inter)national conferences and published papers in journals such as The Language Learning Journal, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, RELC Journal, Australian Journal of Teacher Education, The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, TESL-EJ, Language and Intercultural Communication, and TESL Canada Journal.


Chapter two takes a broad macro-view and is a foundational one as it deals with the essentialist and constructivist approaches to identity and different conceptualizations of identity. While the essentialist approach regards identity as fixed and stable, the constructivist approach sees identity as situated, negotiable, dynamic, and flexible. The latter approach has received wide recognition in teacher education in the past two decades and is closely intertwined with the sociocultural perspective to teacher education.

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