Atheism in Five Minutes - Teemu Taira

Atheism in Five Minutes - Teemu Taira

64. What is the Future of Atheism?

Atheism in Five Minutes - Teemu Taira

Teemu Taira [+-]
University of Helsinki
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Teemu Taira is Senior Lecturer in the Study of Religion, University of Helsinki. His publications include Media Portrayals of Religion and the Secular Sacred (Ashgate 2013, co-authored with Kim Knott & Elizabeth Poole), Taking ‘Religion’ Seriously: Essays on the Discursive Study of Religion (Brill 2022) and more than 70 articles in journals and edited volumes.


This chapter examines the future of atheism by paying attention to demographic projections and the “demographic disadvantage” of atheists (i.e., lower fertility rates). It also asks whether we can rely on the predictive models concerning the future of atheism and recommends paying attention to the policy functions such models may have.

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